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Intego© tiles when used in armour panels, provide the following benefits:

  • No crack propagation beyond the immediate ‘bull’s-eye’; hence, there is no need to limit the size of the tile. This will enable significant reduction of the overall tile perimeter length in a panel, and provide increased protection.
  • Limited ballistic damage: a 0.276in thick 4 x 4" (100 x 100 mm) Intego© tile backed with 0.4" (12 mm) thick Kevlar board, will withstand at least four (4) 7.62mm AP hard steel core bullets shot at from a distance of approximately one hundred feet (100 ft) and a muzzle velocity of 2800 ft/sec.
  • The toughness and hardness of Intego© is significantly superior to alumina. Intego© will provide a weight savings of 21-25% and reduce the thickness by a minimum of 42% over alumina.
  • The cost is significantly lower than Titanium Diboride (TiB2), Tungsten Carbide (WC), or Boron Carbide (BC).

Since any damage to Intego© tiles is limited to the immediate vicinity of the ‘bull’s-eye’, there is no peripheral damage, hence panels made with Intego© tiles do not require complicated designs. This particular feature of the Intego© tile reduces the cost of production and provides superior protection as the remaining parts of any Intego© tiles still continue to provide significant protection.

Intego© tiles can be made up to 25mm thick at the present time.

The Intego© technology is production ready; and, Nova Crystals Limited is prepared to demonstrate product performance.

Density, Vickers hardness and fracture toughness (indentation method)

Four Point Bend Test Load vs Displacement



Intego ballistic Tile test panel
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Test panel made with Intego© tiles closeup pictures closeup photo's can be viewed by clicking the image to the left.

Tested at 0° Obliquity.


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